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Mobile Catering Brisbane – Pizza Catering

The best way to stir up the anticipation and satisfaction levels of your event or parties guests is by securing the best supplier of mobile catering Brisbane Briz Wood Fired Pizza are the mobile catering specialists in the Brisbane region offer delicious pizza catering for parties, corporate events, weddings and more. In-house chef, Jeffrey, has created not only an amazing and varied pizza menu but an professional and delicious experience to boot. Every Briz Woodfired Pizza is cooked in front of your guests on our specially designed trailer mounted wood fire pizza ovens.

mobile catering Brisbane

Wood-fired pizzas cooking has a smell that really adds to the feeling of a party or function. Briz Wood Fired Pizza has made it incredibly easy to get wood-fired pizza to your party. Not only is it gourmet pizza, their pizza has been dubbed “The Best Pizza in Brisbane” and they are able to cater to multiple events on any given day or evening of the week.

Why Go Mobile Catering?

Jeffery and his team of pizza makers have worked on the flavour and crust of their pizzas from day 1. What they discovered, unsurprisingly, is that everything has to start with a great tasting dough recipe for the base. Without this type of base the pizza tastes bland. They have nailed the combination of oil, flour and water to give it it’s own flavour. This adds to the homemade sauce and home grown toppings.

All of the toppings are locally sourced. No overseas imports, just quality ingredients which means that all the flavours are homegrown.

Briz Wood Fired Pizza is also able to create amazing vegetarian/vegan pizzas plus gluten free* bases available upon request.

For more information and for bookings, contact Briz Wood Fired Pizza for all your event gourmet pizzas.