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Gourmet Pizzas Brisbane catering by Briz Woodfired Pizza

What makes wood fired gourmet pizzas so special?

If you have never tried wood fired gourmet pizzas or even if you have, the experience of the sights sounds and smells are overwhelming in a good why.

When you feel the heat from a wood fired oven and the smell of crackling wood, it sets off a primal response and memory of when fire was first created/discovered. It’s also is a great experience to see something being cooked by wood fired. It adds that smoky, yet mild taste change that you can’t experience from your own stove or oven at home. When you smell the fired burning inside the oven, you can’t help but feel warm physically and psychologically. When pizzas are placed inside you can smell the flavours and you hear the cheese and toppings fuse together with the smoky flavour from the wood over the wood burning.

When you see a pizza being prepared, cooked and served right in front of your eyes, you can see the art and love that the pizza maker puts into it. The pizza is actually cooked at a quicker rate but its base envelops the toppings and begins to take on a brown woody colour with imperfections surfacing like bubbles and cracks around the edges, giving it a unique look and awesome taste. If your mouth is watering now, Briz Wood Fired Pizza can supply your next event with wood fired pizza and the experience of everything mentioned above. They supply all gourmet ingredients, dough toppings and have a great selections on their MENU.

If you’d like to find out more information or ask about your function, event, wedding or outdoor party, Contact Jeffery and the BRIZ WOOD FIRED PIZZA team to book in for an unforgettable experience.

“We supply everything including mobile pizza ovens,
ingredients, paper plates & napkins, marque and professional staff to cook & serve!”

Pizza Catering Services:Gourmet Pizzas Brisbane

  • Fundraising and School fetes
  • Festival food stalls
  • Outdoor and indoor expos
  • Private party catering
  • Holiday Parks
  • Outdoor Product Launches
  • Sporting Events
  • Christmas parties
  • Conferences

Private event pizza catering packages start at only $28 per head for all you can eat pizza with gluten free* base options now available.

Briz Wood Fired Pizza is a feast for all the senses. A good party deserves legendary gourmet pizzas… imagine treating your guests to the sights and smells of a crackling wood fire, while our Pizzaiolo creates his pizzas which are fragrant, thin, and soft with a slightly crispy crust, and using fresh gourmet ingredients ensuring a delicious aroma to set your guest’s appetites on fire.

The professional trailer mounted pizza ovens burning away at 400 degrees Celsius not only look impressive, there is nothing like the smell of wood fired pizza. Get the taste buds going!

Party and event catering Gourmet Pizzas Brisbane


Nothing Beats the Flavour of a Woodfired Gourmet Pizza.
We service many areas across South East Queensland:
 Brisbane NorthBrisbane SouthChandler – And many more…